HOWL is a Poet who received great support from people called the beat generation in the 70s, book [HOWL] of Allen Ginsberg is the origins of the brand name.
His poetry to be contained exact "ROCK", and "HOWL" = "barked" according to title of the book.
The famed musicians who supported him is Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, John Lennon, and it is a famous story that he attracted and gathered many renowned parsons, who led the music in that time.

He advocates the concept that he continues sending culture to and develop "HOWL" while having the mind of "the lock" toward a thing wound root part.

Yui Mochiduki
1994; worked as a stylist
2002; opened his own produced shop [RICO]
2003; Opened the time-limited shop which is called ‘KOROMO BYRICO’ in Omotesando for one and a half years
2005; participated phoenix Robe di KAPPA as a creative director
2008; established his own company "Suns and rainbow‘
2009; reached a start of ‘HOWL and another poem’ and "HOWL for BIKES".
2011; a new designer and director were joined anew since AW11 improved design characteristics, functionality under his direction and developed "HOWL" which improved a skill more.

He dealt with a lot of styling for the advertising, photographs and CD jacket as well as various of fashion magazines and also diversify his activities.

70年代にビート族と呼ばれる人達から絶大な支持を受けた詩人、Allen Ginsberg(アレン・ギンズバーグ)の書籍「HOWL」がブランドネームの由来。


望月 唯
1994年 スタイリストとして独立。
2002年 自身プロデュースのSHOP「RICO」をOPEN。
2003年 1年半の期間限定SHOP「KOROMO BY RICO」を表参道にOPEN。
2005年 フェニックスRobe di KAPPA クリエイティブディレクターとして参加。
2008年 自身の会社「株式会社 サンズアンドレインボー」設立。
2009年 「HOWL and another poem」、「HOWL for BIKES」のスタートを迎える。
2011年 2011AWより新たにデザイナー、プロダクトマネージャーが加入。


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