International Design Hats BV (ID hats BV) is established in 1990 in the Netherlands, by Jos Verhoeven. In order to have a permanently contact with the final customer, Marly Verhoeven established 3 stores named Hoeden M/V in Amsterdam, Hut Couture in Dusseldorf and Hat Gallery in London. HYPERLINK "http://www.hat-gallery.co.uk" www.hat-gallery.co.uk The three stores serve as a showroom and are also the first platform for the new styles for the 3 house brands; Bronte, Oliver Sander and Amber. Except from the house brands,. ID hats BV exports to more than 24 Countries, main focus on Europe, the USA and Japan.

Bronté is the name of the ladies collection of ID hats BV, which is called after the daughter of the owners. Bronté stands for innovative, fashion oriented designs, which is not focused on any age-group, but emphasizes the individuality of the women who is wearing the hat. And this collection has the possibility to wear at any time. A collection which connects casual and elegancy each new season. As important as the fashion-statement is, is also the processing of a collection, therefore ID hats only use High-quality materials and it’s al “Made in Europe”. It’s a fact that Bronté has been growing continual all over the years since 1992, when it has been established.
This fall we will see a lot of different felt shapes. Suedes in warm colours and a lot of knit wear.

Oliver Sander
This Men’s collection is established at 1994, like the women collection this men’s collection is also designed and distributed by the ID hats team. With the fashionable details these hats automatically become an eye catcher. Because of the high quality processing and careful chosen materials these men’s hats are an leading fashion product. A trilby or a flat cap from Oliver Sander will become the fashion accessory in the coming fall and winter season.

The luxery label is called Amber and completes the trio of the house labels. In the winter 2012 collection there will be shapes which is clearly orientated on high fashion creations, you can think about aviators, fur bonnets and folk designs. Absolutely trendy are the several designs with rabbit fur, raccoon fur and mink fur.
Also this winter there will be a great range of fur and leather hats.

These stylish fashionable cotton hats are comfortable inside and outside. The material is soft cotton which is breathable, washable and hygienic.

International Design Hats BV (ID hats BV)は1990年オランダにJos Verhoevenによって設立されました。バイヤーだけでなく消費者の方とも長くかかわって行くために、Marly Verhoevenはオランダ(Hoeden M/V) ,デュッセルドルフ(Hut Couture)、そしてロンドンに (Hat Gallery)3店舗をオープンしました。この3店舗にはショールームが設けられ、また自社ブランドであるBronte, Oliver SanderとAmberのこの3ブランドの最初の基盤の地にもなりました。
自社ブランド以外のID hats BVは主にヨーロッパ、アメリカや日本など24カ国以上の国に輸出されています。

Brontéはオーナーの娘の名前であり、ID hats BVのレディースコレクションの名前です。Brontéは革新的と言う意味で、年齢にかかわらず誰にでも被れるファッション向けにデザインされています。しかしそれぞれの人が個性的に被れるようにデザインされています。シーズン毎にカジュアルでかつエネルギー溢れるコレクション。
‘Made in Europe’にこだわり上質な素材を使う事をファッションステータスとして重要な事と考えています。それゆえ1992年より今までこの様に継続的に成長してきているのです。

Oliver Sander
これは1994年からスタートしたメンズコレクションで、レディースコレクションと同様ID hats チームによってデザインされています。ファッショナブルなディテールが施された帽子は多くの人々の目を引きます。質の高い手法と選び抜かれた上質素材は主要なファッション製品とされています。



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