James Lock co.

Ask any London taxi-driver for "Lock's" and without question he will take you to Number 6, St James's Street, S.W.1, the home of James Lock & Co., Hatters.
A postcard from abroad was once promptly delivered there, although it was addressed simply to 'The best hatters in the world, London'. Established not later than 1676 to wait upon the Court at St. James's the business now serves customers from all corners of the earth. Its survival is the consequence of progressive conservatism, of confidence in quality and a demonstration of the effectiveness of persistent personality and individuality in an increasingly mass-minded world.
The history of the business is inseparable from the history of the street. It reflects continually the passage of events in the 'corridors of power' radiating from Westminster and St. James's, for its conduct has always been sensitive to economic, political and social change. It is also inseparable from the history of the Lock family, and in particular of the personality of James Lock as the head of that family.

どのロンドンタクシードライバーに"Lock's"を訪ねても、何の質問もなくNumber 6, St James's Street, S.W.1にあるJames Lock & Co., Hattersへ連れて行ってくれる。
かつて海外からのハガキのアドレスに'The best hatters in the world, London'と、とてもシンプルに書かれていても、すぐに配達されました。地球上のすべての人に今日ビジネスを提供するSt. Jamesの大邸宅に仕えるため1676年以後すぐに設立されました。
ビジネスの歴史はストリートとの歴史はきりはなすことはできません。それはWestminsterとSt. Jamesからいつも発される経済、政治、そして社会の変化に常に敏感である「陰の力が働く所」から絶えずイベントの進行を映しています。 また、それもLock家の歴史と特にその家族の代表であるJames Lockの個性はきっても切り離すことはできません。

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