AT London
Who: Marjan Pejoski  Sasko Bezovski

KTZ is established in 2003 by Sasko bezovski, who manages kokontozai which is an edgy multi-brand store located in London and Paris, and Marjan Pejoski, who is a designer for Marjan Pejoski.
The unique Shape, vivid coloration, KTZ offers the clothes with the strong impact and outstanding design conspicuously.
The collection is glowing up year by year, today they have become the one of most popular brand in the world.

ロンドン、パリにあるエッジの効いたセレクトショップkokontozaiのオ−ナ−である、Sasko bezovski、Marjan Pejoskiのデザイナーでもある、Marjan Pejoskiによって2003年よりkokontozaiのハウスコレクションとしてktzをスタート。

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