In 1903 Julianna Muhlbauer opened a small millinery with a shop attached in Floridsdorf,
a suburb of Vienna. A generous 100 years later the company is in its 4th generation and established as one of the best addresses for all things to do with headwear.

Klaus Muhlbauer, who took over the company from his parents in 2001, transformed the traditional Viennese company into a headwear label discussed and publicised internationally.
If it has something to do with headwear these days, one simply cannot ignore Muhlbauer.
The route to contemporary hat fashions included the return to old know-how and traditional hand crafting techniques. Klaus Muhlbauer designs a headwear collection for men and women twice a year together with his sister Marlies. These remain unmatched worldwide.
The hat has been defined anew and freed from age-old cliches. Instead it has become an important fashion accessory and enjoys the spotlight – until now a role played by bags and shoes.

Muhlbauer products deliver aesthetic benchmarks and score on all points, especially first class materials and hand-finishing. Which didn’t remain a secret for long. Today almost 60% of the hats leaving the Viennese workshop are destined for international fashion temples.
Well-known stores such as Le Bon Marche (Paris), 10 Corso Como (Milan), Tsum (Moscow), Harrods (London), Fred Segal (Los Angeles), Isetan or HP France (Tokyo) are all Muhlbauer customers.

It is not surprising therefore, that opinion leaders such as Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Madonna, Yoko Ono and Georgia Jagger discovered the headwear label from Vienna.
Cooperations with Wunderkind, Anne-Valerie Hash or the Japanese Label Lyricism amongst others also help to increase Muhlbauer’s international presence.
The first new flagship store was opened in Vienna’s premier shopping district in December 2005 in order to give this well-known traditional brand a broader horizon and earn the respect it deserved locally. The monobrand shop, designed by the architect duo Kuhn Malvezzi, reflects the design and quality of the hand-finished headwear. The sequel to this successful concept has been launched in April 2009 with the new Muhlbauer hat store in Salzburg.

1903年、Julianna Muhlbauer はウィーンの郊外にあるFloridsdorfにお店が隣接する小さな帽子製造所をオープンしました。100年後には会社は4代目が後を継ぎ、ヘッドウェアーのすべてを扱う最高の会社として確立されています。2001年にはKlaus Muhlbauerがあとを継ぎ、伝統的なウィーンの会社を国際的な帽子のレーベルに変えました。今日では頭に被るものと関係あるなら、Muhlbauer を絶対に無視出来ません。

Klaus Muhlbauerは妹であるMarliesと共に年に2回のメンズレディース帽子コレクションを手掛けています。これらは世界では匹敵する者がいません。

パリのLe Bon Marche、ミラノの10 Corso Como、モスクワのTsum、ロンドンのHarrods、ロサンジェルスのFred Segal、そして日本の伊勢丹やHP France customersなどの有名店は皆 Muhlbauer の顧客です。

したがってBrad Pitt、Meryl Streep、Madonna,、Yoko Ono and Georgia Jaggerなどのオピニオンリーダーがウィーンで帽子レーベルを発見したのは驚くべきことではありません。
またWunderkind、Anne-Valerie Hashや日本のレーベルLyricismなどの協力がMuhlbauerの国際的な存在を広める助けとなっています。
2005年12月にこの有名な伝統的ブランドにより広く地域に尊敬をもたらすために、第1号店がウィーンの主要なショッピング地域にオープンされました。建設家のduo Kuhnによってデザインされたmonobrandショップは、手作業で仕上げられた高品質で素晴らしいデザインのヘッドウェアーにとても調和しています。

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