For 20 years, the British based brand, Pachacuti, has blended traditional artisanal skills, environmentally friendly materials and production with contemporary design, to find a timeless style which is both sustainable and beautiful.
As Slow fashion pioneers, we seek to add a twist to what is classic or bring enduring design to seasonal trends to provide our customers with truly sustainable luxury.
Carry Somers established Pachacuti in 1992 with the aim of assisting rural Andean women who are economically, geographically and socially marginalised. By working directly with women’s associations in South America, paying fair wages and investing in social and health programmes and capacity development, Pachacuti demonstrates that it is possible to run a successful fashion business whilst helping to improve the lives of our producers.
This commitment is embodied in our name, Pachacuti, which means ‘world upside--‐down’ in the Quechua language and captures our endeavours to addres social and environimental injustices within the fashion supply chain.”
Pachacuti is a leader in Fair Trade fashion and has helped to create the international standards for environmentally and socially responsible supply chains.
We were the first to complete the World Fair Trade Organization(WFTO) audited certification which allows Pachacuti to label all of our product range with “Certified Fair Trade”.
In addition, we are a pilot of the EU GeoFairtrade Project which provides transparency and geoTraceability through the whole product supply chain from the producers to the consumers.

Recent Awards for Pachacuti
•Small Company of theYear Award Big Tick 2012 and reaccredited Big Tick inResponsible Supply Chain Award.
•Winner: Best Performance in Sustainable Luxury in Latin America Award Fashion & Accessories
•Finalist :WGSN Global Fashion Awards Sustainable Brand
•Winner- Observer Ethical Award, category 'Fashion & Accessorie


地理的、経済的に疎外されたアンデス地方の女性を支援することを目的に、1992年にCarry Somersがパチャクティ―を設立しました。
パチャクティ―はWorld Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)が初めて認可され、パチャクティ―の製品全てに、フェアトレードである証明のラベルを付けることが出来ました。

・Small Company of the Year Award Big Tick 2012
・Best Performance in Sustainable Luxury in Latin America Award Fashion & Accessories
・ WGSN Global Fashion Awards Sustainable Brandのファイナリスト
・Observer Ethical Award: ファッション&アクセサリー部門

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