History of Prudence Millinery

A graduate of New York’ s Fashion Institute of Technology and a former assistant buyer for the Associated Merchandising Corporation, Prudence left New York and moved to London in 1986. After working as a freelance fashion stylist, Prudence trained for several years in couture millinery. All of her hats are made in the classical manner using only traditional millinery techniques.
Prudence designed her first collection for spring 1991 under her own label, Prudence, and received orders from Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendel both in New York. In November 1990 she was asked by London designer Vivienne Westwood to create the hats for her autumn / winter 1991 collection and has been working with Vivienne ever since. She was also asked to design models for Balenciaga in Paris.

In May 1991 she had her first international cover for Italian Vogue with a hat from her spring collection gracing the head of supermodel Linda Evangelista. After that followed many photographs and articles for various magazines and newspapers such as L’ Uomo Vogue, British Vogue, Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair, Elle, W and Harpers & Queen. In 1993 she began designing ladies hats for Bond Street hatter Herbert Johnson and in that same year designed a spring collection for Joseph in Knightsbridge. Prudence now also designs and produces couture hats for men following the success of the Vivienne Westwood MAN collections and in winter 1996 Prudence and Vivienne Westwood won the Best Accessories Award for the MAN couture hats by the Fashion Council of America.
Prudence worked with Tom Ford at Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci. She designed and produced all the prêt-aporter hats for YSL Rive Gauche in Paris for men and women.
Prudence has also designed hats for Sir Hardy Amies, London. She has also designed and made hats for such people as Jerry Hall, Rachel Welch, Diana Princess of Wales, Joan Collins, Hugh Grant, Lady Snowden, Linda Evangelista, Dior model Bettina, best-selling American author Nancy Friday, Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon and The Sex Pistols. She has created two collections for Balfour Hats and designed an exclusive collection for the store Le Bon Marché in Paris.
Prudence has also taught couture millinery in conjunction with the Vivienne Westwood course at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin and at Colorado State University, the Paris American Academy in Paris, the American Intercontinental University in London and at Mode Gakuen in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Prudence designed knit hat collection with Yoshikawa – boushi Inc. in Japan, which were sold throughout Japan at select United Arrows branches.
Prudence has worked with French sportswear label Lacoste designing and producing women’s caps and bands for the spring / summer 2006 collections in New York.
Prudence designs collections of hats for Weave Toshi sold exclusively at CA4LA and Test shops throughout Japan since autumn / winter 2006.
Prudence designs and makes hats for French designer Charles Anastase’s since autumn / winter 2007.
Prudence has been working on the 2008 advertising campaign for Lavazza coffee. Her hats are featured in the ads for October and March in Lavazza 2008 calendar.
Prudence worked in collaboration with Hankyu Department Store Company in Japan, designing and creating an exclusive collection of hats for the Japanese market.
In spring / summer 2008 and 2009, Prudence designed and created hats for Hector Castro at Biba and for Julien MacDonald.
Prudence’s hats for Vivienne Westwood have been featured in Sex and the City 1 and in Sex and the City 2, the movies.
In spring / summer 2008 and autumn / winter 2008 – 2009, Prudence designed and created hats for Hector Castro at Biba and for Julien MacDonald.
Prudence designed and made hats for Swiss born designer Saro’s in autumn / winter 2009 and 2010.
Prudence’s hats could be seen at the exhibition An Anthology by Stephen Jones at the V&A Museum in London, (Victoria & Albert Museum, Porter Gallery) from February 24th to May 10th 2009. The exhibition is now touring the world (Australia, USA, China, Japan, etc.)

デザイナーのプリューデンスは、ニューヨークのFashion Institue of Technologyを卒業した後、1986年にロンドンに移住しました。フリーランスのファッションスタイリストとして活躍後、英国王室御用達の婦人帽子デザイナー故Rose Cosyに師事し、伝統的なオートクチュール制作の技術を習得。その後、1990年に自信のブランド、Prudence Millinery(プリューデンス ミリナリー)を設立しました。

1991年 初めて、自身のブランドのコレクションを発表。
Vivienne Westwood(ヴィヴィアン・ウェストウッド)の1991年秋冬コレクションの帽子デザイン・制作を依頼され、それ以来ヴィヴィアンの帽子デザイン・制作を担当。Balenciaga(バレンシアガ)の帽子デザイン・制作。Italian Vogue掲載用に帽子を作成。それ以来、L'Uomo、Vogue、Vanity Fair、Elle、W、Harpers & Queen等、数多くの雑誌に掲載。
1996年 ヴィヴィアン、メンズの秋冬コレクションの帽子を制作。メンズも好評で、それ以来メンズも手掛ける。
2001年 Yves Saint Laurent(イヴ・サン=ローラン)のメンズコレクションの帽子デザイン・制作を手掛ける。
2002年 イギリスのエリザベス女王より寵愛されたブランド、Hardy Amies(ハーディー・エイミス)の女王用の帽子をデザイン・作成。プリューデンス・ミリナリーの帽子学校を開始し、クチュールハットの制作技術を教える。
2003年 イヴ・サン=ローランのレディースコレクションの帽子デザイン・制作を担当。
2004年 Gucci(グッチ)のメンズ用の帽子デザイン・制作。
2006年 Lacoste(ラコステ)の春夏レディースコレクションを手掛ける。Charles Anastase(シャルル・アナスタス)の春夏、秋冬レディースコレクションを手掛ける。
2007年 Julien MacDonald(ジュリアン・マクドナルド)の春夏、秋冬レディースコレクションを手掛ける。
2010年 ロンドンの有名デパート、Liberty(リバティー)の帽子デザイン・制作。
故Diana Princess of Wales, Jerry hall, Lady Snowdon, Linda Evangelista, 故Bettina(Diorのモデル), Joan Collins, Simon Lebon, Hugh Grant, Nancy Friday(米国人作家)、など

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