The Parisian designer uses leather every which way, on a woven bracelet with an animal magnetism.
During his six years of fashion experience with designer Sandrine Philippe, Vincent Richard de Latour developed a passion for working with leather, a noble material that the young Parisian designer twists every which way using traditional techniques. His collections present designs where the careful choice of fabric and subtle use of color are paramount. The resulting creations are unique, having been individually painted, embroidered and screen printed: each accessory tells its own story, and every collection becomes an event which reveals a powerful universe
The result is a range of entirely handmade cuffs and necklaces which uses the raw leather in buckled wristbands, and finer, more ethnic braided necklaces. The piece picks up on the gothic trend that has been appearing on the runways for fall-winter 2012-2013, if the somber, almost military mood at Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein Collection, Emilio Pucci, Versace and Gucci is anything to go by.
Main retailers :
Antonioli Milan, Flana Chypre, Le pub Switzerland, Cartel UAE, Robin Richman USA, Plum Lebanon...

リチャード デ ラトゥ
パリのデザイナーサンドリン・フィリップとヴィンセントリチャード デ ラトゥは6年のファッション経験を積んでいる間に、レザーや素晴らしい素材を使い伝統的な技術を駆使してひねったりなど加工を加えた制作に夢中になりました。彼のコレクションはファブリックの厳選とかすかな色使いが卓越していることです。そのためすべての作品はユニークでペイントされたり、刺繍されたり、スクリーンプリントが施されたりと独自性があります。それぞれのアクセサリーにはそれぞれに込められた思い、ストーリーがあり活気ある宇宙を指示しています。

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