Simeon Farrar

Simeon Farrar is a London based designer who trained in Fine Art, working for 10 years as a painter before setting up ‘Simeon Farrar’ the brand. In February 2004 he launched his label of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear. He has won the New Generation Award at London Fashion Week three times and is stocked at prestigious stores worldwide. His Fine Art background forms the basis of his clothes as he explores the themes expressed in his earlier paintings. Each collection starts from a philosophical root and the drawings and designs grow from there to find their way on to the finished garments. All the garments are hand printed or dyed and quite often the prints are washed before they have time to dry and so rinse away into the fabric. As a result each piece is very much a one off.

Stockists include Liberty (London) , ASOS, Journal Standard (Japan), Harvey Nichols (Hong Kong,), SV (Moscow), Le Bon Marche (Paris), Battaglia (St. Tropez)

SIMEON FARRAR(シメオン ファラー)

ロンドンを拠点に活動するレーベルSIMEON FARRAR。
レーベルを始める以前10年間画家として活躍していたディレクターSimeon Farrarは生粋のアーティストです。

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