Stephen Jones

"Jones is a deft conjurer, who can draw whimsy from a hat. Steeped in couture lore and craft, he nevertheless propels his art into the future with his ceaseless invention and thistledown touch." His genius is to enhance the mystery, allure, and wit of the wearer."
Hamish Bowles, VOGUE USA
"Stephen Jones is the maker of the most beautiful hats in the world."
"Stephen Jones is possibly the most original milliner working today. His hats echo Schiaparelli's from the 1930s, but are always completely up to the minute in mood. He entirely understands the zeitgeist"
Born in Cheshire, and schooled in Liverpool, Stephen Jones burst on to the London fashion scene during its explosion of street style in the late seventies. By day, he was a student at St Martins; after dark he was one of that era's uncompromising style-blazers at the legendary Blitz nightclub - always exquisitely dressed, and always crowned with a striking hat of his own idiosyncratic design.
By 1980, Jones had opened his first millinery salon in the heart of London's Covent Garden. Those premises soon became a place of pilgrimage and patronage, as everyone from rock stars to royalty, from Boy George to Diana Princess of Wales, identified Jones as the milliner who would help them make arresting headlines.
Jones made millinery seem modern and compelling. In materials that were often radical, and in designs that ranged from refined to whimsical, his exquisitely crafted, quixotic hats encapsulated the fashion mood of the moment.
Ever playful with scale, Jones created Kylie Minogue's truly spectacular Grecian headdresses for her current tour - while, for Dita Von Teese, the burlesque super-star, he recently fashioned the tiniest of tricornes. He has designed hats for the Rolling Stones. - and recently for Take That’s ‘Circus’ tour, as well as Audrey Tautou in the movie ‘Coco avant Chanel’ and Madonna’s upcoming movie W.E.
Jones has collaborated with some of the greatest fashion designers of our time. From Vivienne Westwood, Claude Montana, Thierry Mugler and Jean-Paul Gaultier in the eighties to his current work with Marc Jacobs, Giles, Comme des Garcons and Dior, Jones's hats have been an integral component in some of the most memorable runway spectacles of the past thirty years.
Today, Jones's retail boutique, design studio and workroom are all located in a charming Georgian townhouse close to the site of his very first millinery salon. In addition to his Model Millinery collection, he designs the widely-distributed Miss Jones and JonesBoy diffusion ranges. In February 2009 Stephen curated a major exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, titled ‘Hats: an Anthology by Stephen Jones’ which in September 2011 opens in New York. In 2010 the retrospective exhibition ‘Stephen Jones & the Accent of Fashion’ opened in Antwerp’s fashion museum Momu and travels to Istanbul this April.
Now, as ever, at the forefront of fashion, his beguiling hats routinely grace the most celebrated magazine covers and enliven window displays of the world's most stylish stores. From runways to race-courses, from pop-promos to royal garden parties, millinery by Stephen Jones adds the exclamation mark to every fashion statement.

チェーシャーで生まれ、リバプールで学校に通い、70年代後半のストリートファッションの急沸のさなか、スティーブンジョーンズによってロンドンファッションシーンが炸裂した。日中は St Martinsの学生で、夜は伝統的な Blitzナイトクラブで、その時代の不屈のスタイル’ブレザー’~いつも優美に着飾り、いつも彼特有のデザインの目立った帽子で頭を覆っていました。
1980年までに、彼は帽子のお店をロンドンの中心部にあるコベントガーデンにオープンしました。Boy George やダイアナ英国皇太子妃のようなロックスターから王家の人など著名人からはジョーンズは注目を集める作品を作る帽子職人だとと認められ、この店はすぐに聖地や愛顧される場所となりました。
ジョーンズはKylie Minogueにツアーのための壮観なギリシャのヘッドドレスを手掛けた一方で、ストリップダンサーDita Von Teeseに最も小さい tricornesを作成しました。 さらにジョーンズは映画‘Coco avant Chanel’のAudrey Tautouが着用する帽子、近日公開の Madonna主演の W.Eの映画のためだけでなく、Rolling StonesやTake Thatのツアー‘Circus’ の帽子を手掛けました。
ジョーンズは Vivienne Westwood, Claude Montana, Thierry Mugler ,Jean-Paul Gaultierなどの80年代のデザイナーから 現在仕事を共にしているMarc Jacobs, Giles, Comme des Garcons, Diorのような最も偉大なファッションデザイナーとコラボレーションも手掛けたこともあります。ジョーンズの帽子は過去30年で最も記憶に残るランウェイショーに不可欠の要素となっています。
今日、ジョーンズのブティック、デザインスタジオおよびワークルームは最初の帽子サロンの近くの魅力的な Georgian townhouseにすべて位置しています。彼のModel Millinery collection の他に、Miss JonesとJonesBoyの様なディフュージョンラインも幅広く手掛けられています。
2009年2月には、ロンドンの the Victoria & Albert Museumでスティーブンが管理者として務めたHats: an Anthologyと題した展示会が開催され、2011年9月にはニューヨークで開催予定となっています。2010年に回顧展‘Stephen Jones & the Accent of Fashion’がアントワープのファッション美術館 Momuで開催され、今年の4月にはイスタンブールで開催される予定となっています。

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