SuperDuper was born out of a fun-loving passion after the discovery of a unique wooden hat blocker. Since the very beginning the beauty of this object, so carefully carved, went together with our love for the hat, an irreplaceable icon of style.
Every SuperDuper hat is completely handmade.
Every SuperDuper hat born thanks to several hours spent to transform high quality raw material into an authentic handcraft product.
A hat becomes a SuperDuper only if we are truly satisfied with the final result and if we are the first ones willing to wear it.
Every SuperDuper is a creative jewel inspired by the suggestion of the moment and is the result of a traditional process, almost totally lost in the chaos of mass production nowadays.

Super Duperはユニークな帽子の木型を発見した後、遊しさを愛する情熱から生まれました。
Super Duperの全ての帽子はハンドメイドで作られています。
最終の仕上がりが満足できるもの、被りたいと思えるもののみがSuper Duperの帽子となっています。
全てのSuper Duperの帽子は一瞬の提案によってインスパイアされた創造的な宝石であり、そして今日では大量生産によりほとんど失われかけている伝統的なプロセスの結果です。

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