Victoria Grant continues to scale the heights of luxury millinery, exciting and shocking designers and customers alike. Already having found fans in Daphne Guinness, Lady Gaga, Claudia Schiffer & Annie Lennox, Victoria’s work is regularly featured in editorials such as Vogue, Style & Harpers Bazaar.
With Victoria’s signature ‘Princess Albert Beret’ finding it’s way to Jean-Paul Gautier’s Haute Couture Catwalk, other designers to snap up Victoria’s designs include Dolce & Gabbana, and Karl Lagerfeld has maintained his love with this British milliner, not only shooting her works for VOGUE but also including her crystal helmet in his exhibition ‘Parcours de Travail’.
Passioned by her love of traditions & all things British – Victoria continues to embrace her heritage mixing her visionary style and inimitable touch creating timelessly sophisticated elegance.
‘From the Rock & Roll elite to Mother of the bride, Victoria’s style is expressive, unique and visionary’

Victoria Grantは顧客様、デザイナーと同様に、高級で刺激的、そして衝撃的なレディースハットの高みを目指し続けています。
既に顧客として、Daphne Guinness, Lady Gaga, Claudia Schiffer & Annie Lennoxなどがおり、Vogue, Style & Harpers Bazaarなどの媒体に定期的に取り上げられています。

Princess Albert BeretはJean-Paul Gautierのオートクチュールのショーで使用され、 Dolce & Gabbana、Karl Lagerfeldなどを含む他のデザイナー達がVictoriaのデザインに魅了され、愛し続けられています。
そして、VOGUEの撮影だけでなく、彼女のクリスタルヘルメットは、‘Parcours de Travail’というエキシビジョンにも加えられています。



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